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Bladder Cancer Treatment

Bladder Cancer pain

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Situated in the heart of UAE Dr. Haluk one of the best urologist, focused on comprehensive treatment of bladder cancer. His unique combination of knowledge, compassion, and innovative approaches has made him an icon of trust for those suffering from this disease.

Credentials and Compassion

The precise identification of the bladder cancer requires a sophisticated perception of its complex manifestations. Dr. Haluk knows that the scope of this condition is from the early invasive tumors to invasive cancers. He utilizes the latest diagnostic practices that include imaging, cystoscopy, and precise biopsy and tailors each patient’s diagnosis to fit their special circumstances.

Bladder cancer treatment
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Bladder Cancer Symptoms & Causes

Be aware of the following signs that could indicate bladder issues.

Blood in Urine (Hematuria):

Most common bladder cancer symptom. It is not always indicative of cancer; other conditions can cause it.

  • Painful Urination (Dysuria):

Burning or stinging sensation during or after urination. Men and DMAB individuals may experience penile pain.

Frequent Urination:

Peeing multiple times in 24 hours.

  • Weakened Urine Flow:

Flow may start and stop or be less forceful.

Bladder Cancer Treatment

Dr. Haluk’s approach for the treatment of bladder cancer combines both traditional and cutting-edge therapies. His treatment spectrum ranges from early stage tumor transurethral resection (TURBT) to more aggressive radical cystectomy for advanced cases. He also tries out the new treatments like immunotherapy as well as targeted treatments to ensure that patients get the best care possible.


Surgeries like TURBT remove tumors, while radical cystectomy eliminates advanced cases.


To minimize damage to healthy tissues Professional utilize cancer-killing drugs & intravesical therapy.


Immunotherapy helps in enhancing the immune system. BCG vaccine and PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitor therapy boost immunity and disrupt proteins preventing T-cells from attacking cancer cells.

Radiation Therapy:

Radiation therapy is an alternative to surgery, combined with TURBT and chemotherapy, which provides a bladder-preserving option.

Targeted Therapy:

Targeted Therapy disrupt genetic by FGFR gene inhibitors changes promoting cancer cell growth, and focus on specific cellular alterations for more effective treatment.


bladder cancer treatment
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