Dr Haluk


The brilliant doctor Haluk has risen to fame as the luminous star in neuro-urology within the busy city of UAE. Dr. Haluk, an outstanding neuro-urologist who has introduced innovation and compassion to urology, especially in neurological patients’ bladder and urinary tract.
A neuro-urology path of Dr. Haluk started with an innate will to uncover the hidden mysteries of nervous system interaction with urinary function. Dr. Haluk, with a strong academic background and several international medical awards, is considered a prominent expert in this field. His dedication to his patients is only matched by his zeal for new research to improve life for the people he serves.
Dr. Haluk’s practice is built on precise diagnostics. He acknowledges that bladder conditions caused by neurological conditions are as diverse as the patients themselves. Dr. Haluk uses urodynamic testing, neuroimaging, and neurological evaluations to determine the specific problems a patient is encountering. He addresses the needs of each patient individually.
The approach taken by Dr. Haluk in treating neuro-urological conditions is revolutionary. He blends standard treatment therapies with customized patient-tailored treatments. Dr. Haluk has a wide range of treatment modalities from simple non-invasive solutions such as physical therapy, pelvic floor exercises, and pharmacological interventions, to sophisticated surgical procedures like bladder augmentation and neurostimulation device implantation.
In neuro-urology Dr Haluk’s surgical skills are the light of hope to the patients. Dr. Haluk’s magical hands work wonders for those who require to undergo surgeries. Such bladder augmentation procedures, urinary diversion, and nerve modulation through neurostimulation devices cause little discomfort and facilitate fast recovery with minimal pain.
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